Mariners' Guide Dock Swap FAQ
Welcome to the community bulletin board. This bulletin board is for non-commercial individual use. You may sell you boat or equipment, request information about a problem you may be having or ask about something you may want to buy.

You may also use the bulletinboard to find crew and boats to sail on. Announce meetings and events or leave a message for your friends.

Remember, we have bulletinboards for each region of the country and a national bulletinboard. You should post your message to the one that best suits your needs. Small boats should be posted on the regional bulletinboards. Bluewater boats should be posted on the national bulletinboards. Use your judgement.

We also have regional calendars and list entertainment and racing events around the country. Please send us email to get your community or club events announced.

This bulletinboard is monitored and inappropriate messages or language will be removed. Your children are welcome here!

Commercial advertisers; brokers, dealers, suppliers, etc. should contact us about our competitive advertising rates.

Thank you,
Michael W. Madden

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