New! Shirt, Hats and stuff for Evil Waves' crewmembers!

Evil Waves is a Santana 30/30GP built in 1984. After 6 years of racing our J/27, Mad Max, we decided to move up to a boat with more room for our cameras and equipment. The new boat spent her first winter in Riverside, N.J. where Custom Offshore completed some needed maintenance. Now she's ready to race and we will spend this season learning how to make her move and what she needs in new equipment.

Our first two Thursday night races showed that the boat has good speed and pointing but we needed a few improvements. We changed the jam cleats to cam cleats, replaced the winch handle boots and compasses and added a bracket for the GPS. We'll be doing more as we get more experience on this great boat.

It's 2000 and we have a new boat. We've developed a plan for the first year. Our motto is Rapid Transit! We hope to get up speed quickly, try not to embarrass ourselves and maybe win a race once in a while.
Read about our Campaign 2000 on the new boat, Evil Waves.
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