- Americas Cup 33

Larry Ellison wins the America's Cup!

In an unusual 3 race "deed of gift" challenge BMW Oracle Racing representing the Golden Gate Yacht Club has won the America's Cup 2 races to none. What a wonderful Valentine's Day present for the United States. Despite Alinghi leading part of the first leg it was never close. The BMW Oracle giant winged machine proved to be faster. Much faster!

So the trophy was presented to Golden Gate Yacht Club and BMW Oracle Racing. After the presentation each campaign had a press conference, first Alinghi then BMW Oracle. The press asked stupid questions like, "Larry, when did you know you had won the America's Cup?" The answer ..., "When we crossed the finish line". ... daaaa! Anyone who has ever raced knows that anything can happen. When you are ahead you are afraid to breath, afraid to make a mistake, afraid something will break. Why do they send reporters that know nothing about the sport?

But there is a silver lining we should mention. As usual there wasn't any TV coverage in the US. Maybe some obscure cable channel, but the networks were not interested. That is shamefully normal. The good news is that the event was broadcast live, on the Internet! I've been waiting for this kind of network-less coverage to happen and I'm real happy to see it happen with the America's Cup. So stand up and take notice you network guys. From now on promoters will be able to create an Internet-network just for their event and stream live coverage around the world. You've just been benched. The next step will be to hook in sponsor advertising.

I have a vision. Larry, are you lisening? For the 34th America's Cup we will have 24 hour, 7 day coverage on the internet. We will all be able to watch the races, join the parties, walk along the marinas and interactively ask questions about the grand sport of sailing. Sponsors pay attention. Surrounding the video will be hot spot ads ready to bring viewers to your store and there will be commercials embeded in the video. They'll be hot too! Customers click on the commercial and get additional information ... or buy something. Hey Domino's how about a pizza commercial? Click on the ad and order a pizza delivered for the next race. Can you imagine the next Superbowl broadcast over the Internet? The google logo down in the corner. Wait it just changed! It's offering information about the Eagles. It would be nice if the Eagles would win a superbowl before I die. OK, back to sailing. You know how This Old House has webcams on there project. How about webcams in each camp? And when things slow down and get boring lets run a video of an amature club race from somewhere in america. One, just one cbyra race streamed on the website and everyone, I mean everyone on the east coast, sailor or not will be hooked. Did you see the party we threw for the last Whitbread? How about biographies on the racers? And with Internet you get instant metrics. Wherever you hold the event you can mix in spots for the local restaurants, bars, etc. Don't forget you can tailor advertising for each viewer by location and past viewing habits. All the technology exists, just waiting for someone to put it all together.

Well, that's what I think is happening to entertainment and sports events around the world. And if you need help with that Larry, call me!

And Larry, thanks for the Valentine's Day Gift :)

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