- DIY Mast Cover

I lost my patience again. After two months the sailmaker still hadn't repaired my bimini. So I took it back. Asking around the marina didn't help my mood any. It seems that it's about impossible to get canvas work done around here.

Like any other ordinary self sufficient sailor I decided to take matters into my own hands. I marched down to the Sailrite store and bought a super duper walking foot sailrite sewing machine (which will double as an anchor in an emergency) and did the job myself. It took one hour, just one hour to read the directions, setup the machine, sew the bimini and put it back up. And I waited two months for this?

So, now I had to get this wonderworks thingy to pay for itself. Reading through Sailrite's literature I came across a picture of the mast cover Dan had made. Dan runs the store here in Annapolis. It turns out that I had a couple of sheet bags hanging on my mast to hold stuff I used all the time. Ah Ha! I know, I'll make a mast cover with pockets, lots and lots of pockets. That would be like new found storage. Live-aboards love new found storage. Besides a mast cover is a good idea anyway. In the winter that thing is always freezing cold.

I decided to insulate it with a felt camping blanket I found at the local outdoor store. It's mildue resistant and kind of cushy. That gave the mast cover a nice appolstered feeling. The pockets are made of phifertex, the stuff used for sheet bags. I laced up the mast cover with luff cord and a bunch of grommets for a nice nautical look. The sewing is easy, just a few straight seams. This is a good project for a beginner like myself. The pockets were a little tricky. There's more than one way to do it. But once I decided on a design I made a bunch of them in different sizes.

So, the next time you're thinking about getting your canvas repaired strike a blow for liberty. Do it yourself!

Next I'm going to make the hatch covers I've wanted since I bought the boat.

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