Hurricane Sandy - Report from Annapolis

9:00 pm Sunday, Oct 28, 2012
It's quiet, light rain. The fun is supposed to start tomorrow so I'm thinking this will be my last good nights sleep for a while. The weather guys are saying 40-50 with gusts to 70 mph. Most of that will be on the nose the way my slip is oriented. I've done all of the usual things, filled the water tank, gassed up the generator, filled the propane tank, stored the bimini below, doubled the docklines and hurricane wrapped the main. Now we just wait ... see what happens.

9:00 am Monday, Oct 29, 2012
I didn't sleep too well last night. There wasn't much wind but it came in bands. It would blow for a minute, waking me up, and then quite down for 10-15 minutes, just long enough to get back to sleep before the next band. The humidity has curled my mustache tickling my nose. All together it was like trying to sleep with Denis the Menace.

This morning it's raining, but there isn't much wind. On tv, the local news guy is walking around with an umbrella so it can't be blowing hard. He says to expect 60 mph gusts this evening. We'll see. So far so good!

This just in: Annapolis harbor is closed. How do you do that? There's no gate!

I'm hungry! Guess I'll make breakfast.

noon Monday, Oct 29, 2012
Channel surfing I've never seen so many happy weathermen. Meanwhile back here on the boat it's raining. In fact it's raining in the boat. Any moisture in the boat condenses on the hatches and drips back down. All you can do is periodically wipe them dry. The wind is slowing building, probably 20-30 mph. My instruments are outside, in the cockpit, in the rain, so I'm just guessing. If you really want to know you go out in rain. I'm staying inside where it's warm and mostly dry. It's still out of the north so it doesn't bother the boat much. I rate storms by how falls off the table. So far Sandy is a zero here.

Oh, here's a news girl at Ego Alley in Annapolis. It looks pretty calm there too. The water level looks normal, little or no wind, and it's not raining.


3pm Monday, Oct 29, 2012
Lunch was an science experiment demonstrating the effects of low atmospheric pressure. I decided to have soup for lunch and I like to spice it up a little with a dab of hot sauce. When I opened the top it squirted. My soup was a bit hotter than usual. Everything else is about the same. It's raining, the wind is up a little, maybe 40 in the gusts. Nothing has fallen off the table yet.

I can see the Bay Bridge from my boat, according to the news it's closed. That means they saw 55mph winds. We still have electric. Around here that's a miracle. The water level is about normal. The major networks are broadcasting weather and weather damage all day.

And just as I was finishing up my report things started changing. The wind is picking up. The gusts are lasting longer now, maybe a minute or two each time. We just had our first power outage. It only lasted a couple of minutes. Just long enough to knock down the marina's network, but everything seems to be back up now.

8pm Monday, Oct 29, 2012
It's getting a little crazy now. The wind has moved around toward the west so I feel the gusts more. They're on the beam and heel the boat, only a few degrees, nothing to worry about ... just annoying. There is lots of rain ... rain, rain, and more rain. We lost power momentarily a few times. My computers and network are on the ships batteries so they held. The weather guys say I can forget about sleeping tonight, so I'm glad I got a nap earlier.

Oh, and nothing has fallen on the floor yet.

9am Tuesday, Oct 30, 2012
It's over! Nothing left but a little rain. One boat had a problem with their roller furling. It unfurled about half way last night. Made a horrible noise every wind gust. This morning it looks like there wasn't much damage. The sail should be repairable. That's it! Nothing else damaged. And not one thing fell on the floor. Goodbye Sandy! Good luck, good riddens.

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