Boating Software

Freeware - These are all programs I wrote several years ago. I no longer support these programs and they are offered as is for free.

A general purpose windows calculator.

Dead Reconing 1.0
Enter your current position, speed and course and this program will continually update your position.

Fix 1.0
Fix accepts bearings from two known navigational aids and computes your current position.

Performance Index 1.0
PI rates your upwind performance as a function of vmg/Vt.

Pilot 1.0
Pilot is a general purpose calculator and Racing program.

Running Fix 1.0
This program computes your current position from two bearings off the same navigational aid.

Set and Drift 1.0
Sand computes your set and drift from a Fix and Dr.

Rumb Line 1.1
This program calculates course and distance between two points.

Speed, Time and Distance 1.0
Std10 computes Speed Time or Distance depending on your input.

A magnetic calculator, computes True, Variation, Magnetic, Deviation, and Compass course based on inputs.

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