Movies and Television shows for sailors

The Internet is changing everything! A great source of information (and misinformation), social networking, find friends, keep in touch, find a job, make a long distance phone call and now it is even changing television. Even the networks have discovered new streams of revenue for old television shows. Did you miss the last episode of your favorite show? No problem, they are being put on the Internet just days after being aired. You can even catch up on whole seasons.

Would you like to watch a movie you saw in your youth? No problem, these two are being presented on the Internet. You can find thousands of hours of entertainment for free or at low cost.

The links we present here are our favorite legal sources for tv shows and movies:

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Some of our favorite TV shows:

McHale's Navy Watch McHale and his band of pirates party through WWII.

Ocean Girl! Follow the adventures of our young heros and a girl that talks to wales.

Sea Hunt Mike Nelson brings us the wonderful underwater world. Earth quakes, man eating fish and bad guys are no match for our hero.

Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea The classic 1960's series about submarines, sea monsters and villains.

Movies for sailors:

Long John Silver A tale about the infamous character from Treasure Island from our friends in Australia. Filmed in 1954 it stars Robert Newton and Rod Taylor.

World Travel - Adventures in far off lands:

Amazonia Journey up the Amazon River.

Things that go Bump in the Night. Because sometimes you just have to get off the boat:

TV Shows:

Firefly A band of space pirates try to elude the Alliance while make a buck here and there.


Frankenstein's Daughter A 1958 film based on the classic Frankenstein theme.

Places to find more entertainment:

AmericaFree.TV Free Internet TV with Classic Movies, Sci-Fi, Comedy, Independent Films and more ! - Official Site of CBS Watch CBS television online. Find CBS primetime, daytime, late night, and classic tv episodes, videos, and information.

hulu Watch your favorites. Anytime. For free.

Internet Archive Feature Films

Online videos From home videos to premium internet television content Veoh Video Network

AOL Video

Free Internet Television Free Internet TV Classic Movies Classic Television Free Television on the Internet. Retrovision shows Free Television, Free Classic Movies, Classic Movies and Classic Television.

Fancast | Watch Full TV Shows and Movies Free Online Visit and see the latest TV show episodes, movies, celebrity interviews, and more!

MovieTVOnline - watch movies online for free MovieTVOnline - watch movies, films, online for free

Watch Old TV Shows Online, View Video Clips of Classic Television Series : TV Land offers access to old TV shows which you can view online. Watch video clips of your favorite classic television shows. View various videos of old television series on the official TV Land website.

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